Actor Rajat Dahiya who has entered the Zee TV show, Tujhse Hai Raabta in the role of Sarthak gets into a conversation with

Actor Rajat Dahiya who has recently entered the Zee TV show, Tujhse Hai Raabta (Full House Media) is happy to have got this blessed role of Sarthak.

Rajat who has always played negative roles in his long career has bagged his first positive role with this present character.

Says Rajat, “I have been waiting for 8 long years to get a positive role. And Tujhse Hai Raabta is the show that has given me this opportunity. So I feel blessed.”

His character Sarthak is a man of nearly 50 years, and is the only relative of Malhar Rane (Sehban Azim).

On his character, Rajat states, “Sarthak is full of life, very positive in his approach. With age, he has gotten mature in life. He is mature enough to know what he should be talking and what not.”

Rajat has taken the daring step of playing a character above his real age. “Yes, I do understand that I am playing a role way above my real age (smiles). I took it up as a challenge. Since the character has to be of a 50 year old man, the character had to look justified by putting a whitener on his hair. Frankly, I took this role for two reasons – one being that this is my first positive role of my life, and the other is the challenge involved in playing an elder man.”

The talented actor who made his debut on TV with Bade Acchhe Laggte Hain has gone on to be part of shows Pavitra Bandhan and Piya Rangrezz. He feels that the role of Sarthak in Raabta will be a career-defining role for him. “This role has to be a biggie for me. If this does not work, I will have to rethink on what I need to do as an actor. But I truly hope that I will live up to this challenge.”

Rajat is happy to be working with the cast on the show. “It’s a pleasure working with Reem Shaikh, Poorva Gokhale and Sehban Azim. All in the cast know what they are doing as every character in Raabta is well-defined. I look forward to a good journey.”

Best of luck, Rajat!!

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