Saloni Daini who is in her first show as a female artist in SAB TV’s Namune talks about this transition and her role.

From being a child actor honing up to be one of the youngest comic stars on TV, Saloni Daini, popularly known as ‘Gangu Bhai’ has come a long way!!!

Now in her first show in a young teenager role, Saloni has warmed up to the new challenge on TV very well.

Seen in the role of Kavya, in SAB TV’s Namune, Saloni has taken this transition of coming out of the child star mould and getting recognized as a teenage actor with much aplomb.

Says Saloni, “Yes, it is an amazing feeling to be part of Namune on SAB TV. I am enjoying personally with the various characters coming into the show as per the script.”

“Having done reality shows and stand-up comedy in the past, this transformation is real fun. I love being with my on-screen family. The family is the USP of Namune, is what I will say,” she states.

On her character, she avers, “Kavya is a girl who is very health-conscious, and does everything that it takes to maintain her diet. She’s is a funny zone. I feel like I am in a different zone, after coming out of the child actor mode.”

On her future, she states, “I have not thought about future. I am in my 11th standard now. I will certainly continue doing TV. But I will have to concentrate on my studies too. So let’s see, as of now I am busy with Namune. I am getting a good response and people are loving the show.”

Way to go, Saloni!!

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