Tanvi Dogra talks about her first role as lead in Star Bharat’s Jiji Maa

It feels like a dream when I see myself on the posters of Jiji Maa – Tanvi Dogra

Actress Tanvi Dogra is pleasantly happy on bagging the lead role in Star Bharat and Jay Productions’ show, Jiji Maa. For her, this role is special as this is her first part in the main lead.

Above all, Jiji Maa opened well (1.0) and has only increased in the week that has gone by (1.2).

Says Tanvi, “It is a very happy and proud moment that our TRP is on the rise. It feels like a dream when I see myself on the posters of the show. It is a different feeling altogether. The journey has been really good. The team is very good to work with; the co-actors are very nice. It has been a wonderful experience till now.”

Since this is her first role as lead, Tanvi makes sure that she is well-prepared for her scenes.” “I rehearse my scenes beforehand. I make sure I get my screenplay and work on it. We always have discussions with the Director before we shoot; so this is a way to learn every day. The idea is to get better and better with every passing day.”

Tanvi has a special motivation to do well for herself as an actor. “It was my mother’s dream to see me doing well as an actor. Unfortunately, she is no more to see all this, but I feel that she is blessing me and is happy somewhere.”

Tanvi is happy to be working with senior actors like Pallavi Pradhan, Rajiv Paul, Rajesh Balwani etc. “They are very co-operative and help me in all ways possible. I also get appreciated when I do a good job. Recently, Pallaviji praised me for a particular sequence and blessed me. I felt good.”

She adds further, “Our producers Jay and Kinnari Mehtaaji are awesome. They share their feedbacks with every actor and even appreciate us when our scenes come well.”

Tanvi, we wish you luck and success!!

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