Actress Ratan Raajputh who has been out of sight post her father’s unfortunate death is all set to be back with a good role.

I am finally learning to deal with my father’s death: Ratan Raajputh

Ratan Raajputh, who was away from TV for a year after her last &TV mytho, Santoshi Maa, which wrapped up back in Oct 2017, is now ready to return for the grind. “The last 12 months or so have been a roller coaster of a ride, with my dad succumbing to the Big C after a few months of battle.”

“I was completely shaken by this sudden turn of events, which changed my outlook towards life. I have learnt the hard way that life is not certain; so enjoy while the going is good. I also budget-travelled a lot, checking out various pilgrimage sites in an attempt to find answers to my inner conflicts.”

Ratan admits, “I was not clinically depressed, but not in a good mental state either. One more thing I have learnt is that we should stop taking ourselves too seriously. Sadly, most actors are afflicted by what people will say or think. As a result, they never live life fully, and yes, many times end up losing good work for they can’t go up and ask for the same. Luckily, I was never a victim of this fear, always doing my own thing. E.g. I never worry about what the fashion police write about my sartorial sense, and have forever worn what my heart tells me to.”

“Feeling much better now, I have made up my mind to get back to work and am looking for juicy assignments.”

Interestingly, Ratan, who was first noticed in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo (2009), had also taken a 3-year sabbatical earlier, returning with Bigg Boss 7(2013). She had also done Star Plus’ Mahabharat and MTV’s Fanaah at that time.

“This time the break will be shorter. Having said that, it is not that I was not getting work back in 2011. The issue was that I was not getting characters that would push me to go to work every day.”

Here she admits that even now the situation on TV is not very rosy, what with daayans and chudails calling the shots. “Guys, for heaven’s sake, make something else as well. However, now we have the option of web, which is offering differentiated content. I am ready to compromise on the money if something kickass is being churned out.” ”

“One other positive of web is that shows are of a short duration. I might be game for online shape-shifting witch roles for a few months, but not on the tube, for they go on for years at end. That negativity starts to impact my real self as well.”

In closing, Ratan adds that she has no problems with bold content. “I don’t have a body like Katrina Kaif to look sexy enough; but if a strong character requires me to bathe with a petticoat or do a lovemaking scene, I have no issues.”

Ratan, we are glad to note that you have successfully overcome those bad days and hope to see you on screen very soon.

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