Find out what was Meera Deosthale's reaction when Vidya went off air

I was fine when I heard about Vidya going off air – Meera Deosthale

Meera Deosthale is one of the prettiest and talented faces of the Indian TV industry and her claim to fame to a great deal has been her show Vidya which started in the year 2019. Vidya was on track as one of the most popular shows on TV and it enjoyed quite a lot of following. However, due to the Covid-19 lockdown, shootings were brought to a halt and everybody had no option but to remain quarantined at their own homes.

The result of this lockdown and quarantine was a great deal of economic stress which meant channels and broadcasters had to reconsider shows to cut down on their budget. One of those shows which had to face the axe was Vidya as it went off air due to economic crunch. When we asked Meera about the same and what her reaction was, she said and we quote,

“Well, we all knew about it even before it was out in the media. But to be honest, I was fine when I heard that it was going off air. Given the situation, you have to be understandable enough. Situation was tough and there was an economic crisis. So for the people who take the calls, they probably felt that it was not feasible or profitable for them to go ahead further and hence they took the call. I understood and was fine with it. In fact, I am seeing the other side of it. I see so many actors complaining in interviews about how scared they are to go to the sets now. I am glad I am not having to be scared for the same.”

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