Roadies this show is very popular for its daring stunts and tough tactics. Many try to take part in the show but aren’t even capable of clearing the auditions.

Funny moments between the Roadies Gang Leaders

In the auditions, tough questions are asked and some previous experience is also necessary. Currently, the show is on its 16th season. The contestants on the show are further divided into many groups. And the gang is assigned with a gang leader.

The gang leader is like a mentor to the team and they help each and every contestant to compete for the task. While the gang leader of this season is Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa, Neha Dhupia and Raftaar and the newest addition of Sandeep Singh. Well as a gang leader they are not always serious on the show but they do have fun in their free time. These gang leaders need to maintain a good Instagram and are hence always picture ready. The whole gang as one is great at posing and making funny and adorable memories. While some of them are not great at it so guess who teaches them non-other than Neha Dhupia. In one of the recent Instagram pictures rapper, Raftaar had posted about how she teaches the whole gang to have fun. This fun is not only restricted till pictures but they also play pranks and crack jokes on each other. While they being very friendly no one in the group is offended.

Well, we also came to know that the Roadies have an extended family. The ace of contestant winner Divya Aggarwal and the ex Roadies Varun Sood joined the squad in the recent episode again. While Varun and Divya meet the most adorable couple and gang leader prince and yuvika. The gang leader in a recent picture posted with ex Roadies and the co-host of the show Shruti Sinha and Baseer Ali. Not how can we forget the rapper Raftaar has an amazing fashion sense. His clothes include some shiny jacket or loose pants etc. Not only the contestants but the gang leaders are also loved by the audience .

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