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Candid chat with Kirti Choudhary

I am getting a chance to show off my oomph element in Hamari Bahu Silk: Kirti Choudhary

Gandii Baat fame Kirti Choudhary is enjoying playing the negative lead Maushmi in Zee TV show, Hamari Bahu Silk (Klay Pictures LLP and Silver Ivory Productions). “She wants her sister Rimjhim (Urvi Singh) to get married to the lead Naksh (Zaan Khan). But now the entry of Pakhi (Chahat Pandey) into the mix has put paid to her plans to dominate the house.”

“The best part is that she has lots of shades. I am getting a chance to show my glamorous side as well (backless blouses and sexy nighties). As with most Indian women, she only wears such outfits in her bedroom. She also exhibits minor BDSM traits, wearing the hunter dress while controlling her sissy husband.”

“In an effort to look sanskaari, she always puts pallu when mother in law Ba (Sarita Joshi) is around, though.”

Here Kirti says, “It is much more fun to play the above elements, giving wings to the artist in you. I will be honest and admit that when I see the lead artists shedding tears 24*7, I wonder how can anyone weep so much and take so much garbage.”

“Also, one more issue with the lead artists is that they can’t even flaunt their assets, as that will go against the grain of the character of the quintessential Indian bahu.”

“Having said that, showing negative emotions for 12 hours a day does take a toll mentally as well. I still remember once I did a heavy drama scene of hurting Rimjhim, and it took me a lot of time to come out of it. This is a big task for me, as personally, I am a very sweet and friendly gal, who will not hurt a fly.”

“I use meditation and other positive devices to keep my sanity in this crazy world.”

Point out that the ratings of Hamari Bahu Silk are not that great, and she says, “Although things are beyond my remit, I am sure that with time, the numbers will perk up as we have a great story going forward.”

Looking ahead, after Gandi Baat, this anchor cum actor is open for more web series. “While a certain amount of boldness, if required by the script (as in Gandi Baat) is ok, I will not go nude, period.”

In closing, Kirti, who attended her first awards ceremony last night, says, “It was a wonderful experience and I got lots of love and attention. I did look very beautiful, if I say so myself. For the first time, I really felt like a star enjoying her moment under the sun.”

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