Getting a dream role is as wonderful as getting an award – Ojaswi Aroraa

Ojaswi Aroraa, our very own ‘fringe wali Pari’ of Star Bharat’s Kya Hal, Mister Panchal talks about her role.

Getting a dream role is as wonderful as getting an award – Ojaswi Aroraa

Making people laugh is the most challenging job and a generous one too.

But Ojaswi Aroraa, who has played poles apart characters in her previous shows loves challenges and thus was very much willing to take up a comedy show at least once in her life. Her dream became a reality when she signed Kya Hal, Mister Panchaal on Star Bharat, where by playing Pari, the prettiest but most innocent bahu, she has carved a unique niche for herself. People now even name her as the laughter queen! Ojaswi’s large eloquent eyes and a charming smile add to the innocence of her character.

To get the nuances of comedy correct, she saw movies of Sridevi, and also followed comedy plays and added heaps of what she herself is. She says, “It is easier to make people laugh if you are happy from within. I am a joyous and super energetic person even in real life; so playing the chirpy ‘hilti-dulti’ Pari became easier in terms of energy.”

For the look, she flaunts beautiful saris and lehengas that are apt as her name is Pari. She also flaunts fringes that are extremely uncommon on Indian television. Ojaswi states, “I feel overwhelmed by the crazy response of people of all ages when they repeat my catchphrases ‘Nahin’, ‘Kab n Theek’. And for the success of Pari, I will give full credit to my writers, my director, and the entire crew. It is easy to live a life of an actor but hats off to the team for working so hard behind the camera. And most importantly I will thank my Producer Vipul D Shah for choosing me as Pari. This might look like an award speech but honestly getting a dream role is as wonderful as getting an award.”

Ojaswi was recently part of shows Badho Bahu and Brahmarakshas.

Well said, Ojaswi!!


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