Raashul Tandon talks about playing Jinn in SAB TV show

Glad that makers have made Jinn much more human like- Raashul Tandon

TV and film actor, Raashul Tandon, is very happy with the way his Jinn character in SAB TV show, Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga, is framing up.

“It is very pleasing to note that rather than making it very supernatural, the makers (Peninsula Pictures) have added a lot of light-hearted humanism to the character, which is really appealing to the kids. No wonder we have great ratings as well.”

“Since we are not attempting to show Jinn as the blue-bodied spirit, as made popular by the eighties Disney animation series of the same name, this will give us a different space and name. Also, kids masquerading as Jinn in fancy dress parties will no longer need to paint themselves blue, but be as they are.”

Raashul, who has earlier done films like Pink and Heropanti, says, “I had done another fantasy show, Balveer, on TV.” He was also a part of Peninsula’s other recent fantasy drama, Mayavi Maling, which went off air very soon.

If ever Raashul lands a Jinn in real life, he would use his powers to bring peace to this conflict-ridden world. “Yesterday’s horrific Amritsar train accident was very sad, and being Punjabi myself, the pain is even greater.”

However, on a lighter note, he does accept that given the propensity of his Jinn character to goof up, rather than bringing about peace, he just might trigger another war.

“As an actor, it is really fun to play the goofy elements. Interestingly, he wants things to go right, yet, they end up going south.”

“As an actor, I always want to push the envelope. So for me, apart from the Box Office, creative satisfaction is equally important. So, while the above films did superb businesses, I still regard my stint in Barkha and Mad About Dance as the best, despite the fact that they did not rock the ticket window.”

All the best, Raashul.

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