Hiten Tejwani talks about his journey in Bigg Boss house soon after his elimination.

I am glad that I did not change my cool demeanor just to stay in the race – Hiten Tejwani

It is certainly a heartbreak moment for many to see their heart throb Hiten Tejwani getting eliminated from the house of Bigg Boss.

Although veteran actor Hiten Tejwani did not expect to be eliminated so soon, he has no qualms. “I am glad that I did not change my cool demeanor just to stay in the race and yes at the end, many more people now know the real Hiten and not just my various characters. So it is a win win situation for me.”

Hiten feels bad though about Shilpa changing colors. “I felt bad that Shilpa Shinde who I always supported joined the oust Hiten brigade. Guess they wanted to eliminate strong competition, not appreciating someone who could douse the flames and get stuff done.”

In Hiten’s case, Bigg Boss left it to the house mates to decide who among the 2 lowest voted contestants along with Priyank Sharma , would stay on.

When asked about Hina Khan, Hiten did not mince his words by saying, “She is two-faced. If on one hand she will ask you to let go, on the other hand, she will talk behind your back, singing a different song that he is spineless etc. She would also poke her nose in affairs which do not concern her as pointed out by Vikas Gupta. All in all I would say that Hina is fake.”

Talking about Vikas, Hiten averred, “Vikas on the other hand does not really use his grey cells to create friction in the house. He would say what he has in his mind and this would often lead to fights with Hina. He correctly dedicates his energies to win the tasks on hand. Shilpa who till now was playing a very smart game might have overplayed her card with my elimination. Her often repeated saying that karma pays back will soon come back to haunt her.”

On asked about Arshi Khan taking potshots at him, Hiten explained, “Yes she was troublesome; her logic was that there was no other man in the house. Hence she was picking on me. Having said that, she did support me at times.”

When asked whether he paid the price for not following the tried and tested method of resorting to drama, Hiten answered, “Well I can’t do fake fights and yes I did stand up when I felt the need to do some straight talking. But my manner of doing so is bereft of histrionics.”

Does editing play a major role in what we see? “While we can’t control what they show, one good thing about Bigg Boss is that apart from the limited 40 minutes main show on Colors, you also get to watch much more courtesy Voot and MTV. This is important for viewers who now get to understand the bigger picture of what and why. It also unmasks game-playing people.”

Looking ahead Hiten would be open to more realty shows.  “Next I would like to challenge my fears in Khatron Ke Khiladi. One of the main reasons for going in was to see if I could live without my family in pressure-cooker situations.”

You did a good job, Hiten!!


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