Young and beautiful actress Nikki Sharma has been winning hearts for her portrayals Kalindi and Chandni in Zee TV show Brahmarakshas 2. Produced by Balaji Telefilms, and her onscreen chemistry with co-actor Pearl V Puri has been appreciated by one and all.

On the occasion of Holi, the actress got candid and shared, “Unlike many people, I actually celebrate the festival of Holi very differently and in a much more peaceful manner amidst my family and all the delicious food that we prepare every year. I am not much of a fan and usually refrain from celebrating the festival outdoors as I do not like wasting water or applying too much of colour on myself or on others too.”

She further adds, “Holi at home is usually much relaxed which begins with a pooja and I usually put the tika on the forehead of all my family members. However, after something like 6-7 years, I did happen to celebrate Holi this year for the very first time on a show’s set. We were shooting a Holi scene for Brahmarakshas 2 and as much as I hate applying colour, I had tremendous fun shooting and celebrating it with my co-actors. Those moments felt more like play than work. And while I am sure many of us miss celebrating it like this, I must urge our viewers to keep the celebration this year too indoors. I wish everyone a very Happy and safe Holi!”

Nikki, we wish you a very Happy Holi!