Sayantani Ghosh who was recently seen in Naagin 4 talks about the Coronavirus scare engulfing everywhere.

Harsher measures to tame Coronavirus might be needed: Sayantani Ghosh

Talented and beautiful actor SayantaniGhosh is taking the compulsory off caused by Coronavirus fear to shoot halts in her stride.

“I know it is tough as you don’t have any place to go with malls, gyms, and other entertainment hotspots shut down.”

“So I have decided to go back to the roots and spend some quality time with family. At first, we planned to go to Kolkata for a few days as the virus is less there. But the fear of going to the airport had deterred us.”

“We will pass the time as we used to when we were kids, i.e., playing indoor games or reading up a good book. In a way, this is a wakeup call to get back to natural living; we had got too carried away by tech and new-age way of living.”

Sayantani, who recently bid adieu to Naagin – Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel with her character’s death accepts that the shooting stoppage will lead to telecast issues, “But then we are facing an unprecedented situation which requires out of the box thinking.”

Here Sayantani fully supports the lockdown measures taken by the Govt, “We need to control this scourge in its current Indian second stage itself. Lest we will have dealt with what Italy and China are facing for want of taking of prompt containment measures? A vast developing country like India can ill- afford mass community infections.”

“I know many are questioning the logic of shutting down malls while allowing public transport (Mumbai local trains ) to ply. You can’t shut down everything in one go; already, the economy is a tailspin.”

“A graded response is the need of the hour with harder measures to be considered down the road if things don’t get better.”

“Public safety is non-negotiable,” she ends.

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