While shooting a television show, actors often end up becoming friends in real and reel life. However, playing stark nemesis on screen and being good friends off screen is a balance that is delicate and not found very often. Sayantani Ghosh and Abhishek Nigam who play SimSim and Ali on Sony SAB’s Alibaba – Ek Andaaz: Chapter 2 are two such actors who have grown to share a special bond. While their characters are mostly locking horns, their friendship is pure love.

Opening up about their bond, Sayantani Ghosh said, “Abhishek and I hit it off well. He was seamless when he transitioned into the role of Ali and it was a delight to watch. Whenever we’re shooting on set together, the energy is extremely fun. Being his senior colleague Abhishek looks up to me, at times he comes to me for advice on the show and we have some lovely conversations around it. If you follow us on social media, you will see that we love posting stories and making reels together. Abhishek has really grown as an artist and I am incredibly proud of his journey.”

Talking about Sayantani and their friendship, Abhishek said, “Sayantani was the first person I met on set. She was incredibly warm and so supportive. I look up to her since she is an actor with so much experience. She has taught me how to improvise and add nuances that help me build my character on the show. We often sit and have lunch together on set; she will share with me little candies that she carries around with her and I’ll share whatever I have made for that day. While SimSim and Ali are constantly plotting against each other, Sayantani and Abhishek are sharing jokes and having fun.”