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Parakh Madan who has been missing from limelight post Kalash talks about her sabbatical, her recent health issues and much more.

I haven’t quit the industry and am looking out for work again: Parakh Madan

Television actress Parakh Madan, who enthralled audience in shows like Saathii Re, Burey Bhi Hum Bhale Bhi Hum, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, Piya Ka Ghar and Ek Boond Ishq, has been missing from the screen.

In conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Parakh shares that she hasn’t quit the industry and is looking for good opportunities.

She says, “I have been receiving calls from the industry asking whether I have quit work. But I want to share that I have been through hell in the last 2 years of my life. It all began when I was working in Kalash Ek Vishwas. I got ill while shooting for the show. I had the kind of nagging, low-grade fever that does not make you bed-ridden, but definitely saps you of all your energies. I continued to work in the same condition for over 3 months, but my body completely drained and I had to quit work to rest and get tested from head to toe.”

Parakh further adds, “Over the next year, after every test and scan possible and after exploring all kinds of medicines, there was still no diagnosis as nothing was concrete. So, I had no other option but to keep my spirits high, rest and believe that I will get better one day soon.”

 “Over the last year end, the fever started breaking in bits and I began getting my strength back. I had lost a lot of weight in this ordeal. But my father always kept reminding me of the saying ‘It’s not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog.’ I always drew strength from this and as I was slowly and steadily getting back on my feet. Life threw me a curveball again. My father passed away. It has been the most difficult couple of years of my life so far, but I guess that is life. And these struggles have shaped me up into the person I am today. As I look back at these past 2 years, I am thankful for the hard times, because they have only made me stronger,” shares the actress.

On an ending note, she avers, “I am very much here to stay. I haven’t quit, and I am on the lookout for work again.”

More power to you Parakh!

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