If any character can break the image of Sikander Singh Gill, it is Dhruv Jaiswal: Mohit Malik | IWMBuzz

Mohit Malik who plays the lead in Lockdown Ki Lovestory gets into an exclusive conversation.

If any character can break the image of Sikander Singh Gill, it is Dhruv Jaiswal: Mohit Malik

Mohit Malik who plays the lead role of Dhruv Jaiswal in Star Plus’ Lockdown Ki Lovestory produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions is enjoying the new flavour of role that he is portraying!!

Popularly known as Sikander Singh Gill in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, it was tough for Mohit to shed his earlier image and get into a new one.

Says Mohit, “Honestly speaking, I took this role of Dhruv for its plot. If any character could break the image of Sikander, it was Dhruv. The concept of Lockdown Ki Lovestory was what I was attracted to. Plus it is a love story tale, and I wanted to switch over to this genre after Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.”

“After playing a father, it is enjoyable to play the role of a lover now. I am thankful for bagging this role.”

Ask Mohit about his favourite genre of work and he is quick to say, “I think I am very comfortable in drama. Also, I think I will be really good in comedy. But I am yet to attempt it (smiles). I think some day I will do it.”

Mohit confides that he wanted to take a longer break after Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. However, the boredom of the pandemic actually prompted him to get back sooner. “There was lot of stress and negativity spread everywhere owing to the pandemic scare. The best thing I thought was to keep myself busy in a new show. When I was offered this role, I loved the concept. The romantic drama was another added bonus as this was the best genre to get into after Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. Even in Kulfi, this angle was never explored much. So I wanted to test myself in this genre.”

“Above all, Dhruv was someone who was not me. So I really felt it interesting to play Dhruv.”

If any character could break the image of Sikander Singh Gill, it is Dhruv Jaiswal: Mohit Malik 1

Working with Sana Sayyad is like a breeze as per Mohit Malik. “Sana is a very nice person to work with. Our wavelengths actually match. Above all, we really understand the manner in which we go about our work. Respect is something that should naturally come towards a person, and we both realize it. In fact, I have this habit of talking it out to my co-actor whenever I start a new show. I tell the person that if she feels that I have been wrong at any given time, she has to point out and tell me. Sana too, comes with such a thought process. Hence gelling with her has been so very easy. Above all, she is a very good human being.”

“In fact, I have been lucky to have worked with some really good co-actors. Anjali Anand is a fine human being and a great actor. Sana is again so very passionate about her work. She is very sincere to delivering what is needed of her. We have a great time working together.”

Tell him that the rating of the show has not been on par, and Mohit says, “Yes, the change in timing has not helped. The show was doing well at the 7 PM slot.

It was seeing a rise in ratings. But now we are at the 11 PM slot. The show will need time for the newer audience to sample it and accept it. Hoping for the best.”

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