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In conversation with Karan Veer Mehra

In the real world monetary gains are more important than creativity: Karan Veer Mehra

Karan Veer Mehra is a superlative performer, who accepts interesting challenges whenever he sets foot at work. We have seen him playing powerful characters in shows like Saath Rahega Always, Shanno Ki Shaadi, Remix and Pavitra Rishta.

After enjoying her journey on small screen, he went on to enthrall audience on the silver screen with Ragini MMS 2. Currently the handsome hunk is winning hearts as Rajeev in TV, Biwi aur Main on SAB TV. We at IndianWikiMeda got an opportunity to get into a long chat with the actor.

Here are the excerpts:

Starting from Saath Rahega Always, how do you see the growth in your career on TV?

It is very pleasant and satisfying. I literally grew up with college boy in Saath and Remix. I have earned some good appreciation, worked with some amazingly talented craftsmen and in turn they have enhanced me as an individual and as an actor.

You have always consciously accepted roles that are staggeringly different. How do you decide on the show you pick up?

I have an insatiable hunger for variety and that guides my choices.

What do you look for in a role?

I look for variety of shades and nuances that offer me a platform to exhibit my skills as an actor.

Talking about your professional journey, how satisfied are you as an actor?

An actor can and should never be satisfied. I am grateful to all my producers for giving me a vast myriad of roles ranging from playing a lover boy to an extortionist, cop, mad genius etc.

Do you think looks are important for an actor?

I think looks are important for an “entertainer”, fitness for an “actor” and talent for an “artist”. I am trying to achieve all 3 levels in this lifetime.

What matters to you more- money or script?

Script because money will follow. It never works the other way round. I speak this out of experience.

Does TRPs matter to you? 

They are important to the producers and my loyalty lies with them as they are actually striving to provide wholesome entertainment to the viewers.

Have you struggled to reach where you are now?

“Yes” and I am proud to admit it, and “No” because I never felt the struggle. When, I hear stories of other actors struggling for years for a small part in a film or a show, I feel God has given me a lot and I am thankful for the same.

With so many newcomer actors on the small screen, has the struggle doubled up for actors?

The run is more exciting and thrilling. I feel one is always on ones toes in a healthy manner.

How is your working relationship with co-actors on the show…

As cliché it may sound but it’s like ‘one big happy family’ that’s the best part of comedy show. I believe everyone just stays happy.

Do you think there has been any change in the content on TV?

Yes, our current show itself is so realistic that at times you forget you are acting. All the situations and characters are so believable and relatable.

You are currently part of Shashi Sumeet show and their other show on Sony is being targeted for its content…so what is your take on it?

A lengthy answer is on my social media page, there are a lot of things, I might not like, should I ask the government to ban all of them? The long and short of it is, if you don’t like the show, change the channel…period.

Do you have any regrets in life?

Yes, I am human and I do regret a few things, one I remember very vividly is when I didn’t understand a director talking about a film on “sperm donation”. I thought, he wants to make a documentary and I didn’t want to do a festival film so I just changed the topic. Yes, the director was ‘Shoojit Sarcar’ and the film was called ‘Vicky Donor’. I am not saying he offered me the film but at that time, I was his blue eyed boy. We were shooting for our 16th ad film together and he gave me shoe bite to play young Mr. Bachchan and sadly that’s still in the cans. So…

What the secret behind your happy marriage in this fast paced world?

At the risk of sounding and looking henpecked, just be an obedient husband.

When are you both extending your family?


You were part of Shitty Ideas Trending webseries? How was the experience? How do you see the growth of web world?

It would be more appropriate to say that Shitty Ideas was part of me. I was involved, like really involved in it, from its very inception and nurtured it with love and put my heart into it completely. I guess this is not the way forward for some people. In the real world money and monetary gains are more important than creativity and sincerity and team spirit. I think web is the future, either you evolve or perish. This is for everyone in this industry, producer, director, actor and all technicians.

And finally, what’s happening on the Bollywood front?

Currently, my full concentration is on my show TV, Biwi Aur Main.

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