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In today’s time, it is a blessing to have parents around after marriage – Kratika Sengarr

Kratika Sengarr is grounded, talented and knows her job really well!! She’s been around for many years now, and has excelled in all the lead roles that have come her way. Even after marriage to actor Nikitin Dheer, Kratika very finely balances work and marital life. In Balaji Telefilms’ successful show on Colors, Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, her work is being loved by one and all.

In a frank conversation with, Kratika talks about her Kasam journey, her personal life, on life after marriage and much more…


How has the post leap phase in Kasam been with the kid coming in?

Yes, our show has got more life with the kid coming in. It is really fun to be around her. She’s very cute. Otherwise nothing much has changed. It is more or less the same.

Do you think there is less scope for more of Rishi – Tanu chemistry now with the story involving new angles?

With time, gradually the story has to change. We can’t be stuck to the point where we were last year. So when the story moves, so many things evolve and revolve around us. That is exactly what is happening in our show as well. They can’t be showing just one dimension. We need to have parallel tracks as well. That’s why the other guy has come, and the girl has come.

How has your character evolved with the changing phases?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the show. I think I have enjoyed the show the most. Of all the shows that I have done, I have had very good relationships not just with my co-actor but with my team as well and have made some amazing friends. They have been very co-operative as well. So I have no complaints at all.

You share a great relationship with Ssharad Malhotra. Now with an actor like Amit Tandon coming in, how has it enhanced the show?

Amit is a very cool guy. He’s fun to be around. Kids play a lot of pranks on him. It’s quite nice that the atmosphere is very light with him coming in.

What according to you has been the best phase in Kasam for you?

Undoubtedly, the pre-leap phase in the story line as Tanu!! I enjoyed that the most. We were new and fresh, the show was new and not predictable at all. I shared a very good rapport with my on-screen sister as well. There was very good comedy with Chacha and Chachi being around. So I think I really enjoyed that phase of Kasam.

How has life been after marriage? You have been working all the time. So how do you juggle work and family?

That’s true. Eversince I have got married, I have only been working. First it was Service Wali Bahu and then Kasam. Kasam is still going on. But yes, this is our life. We have to deal with it. My production team is very nice. Every week, I have a one day off. So that’s something very nice. So I do get time. There have been times when I have shot way in advance if I have to go out of town.

Post marriage, how has your support system been?

Fortunately, we live in a family. We are not just the two of us who stay. If you are in Mumbai, couples are usually all by themselves. But it’s not that way for us. So our support system is very strong. We have our parents with us. In today’s time, to have parents around after marriage is a blessing. So I think it has worked in my favour a lot.

What do you usually plan when you have an off day?

See, I usually jot down my things priority wise. If I have some pending work, I probably will finish that. Post that, in the evening, we are together with family. So it’s always planned before hand.

What are the kinds of places you like to visit when with hubby Nikitin Dheer?

When we have one or two days off, we usually check into a hotel in Mumbai. If we are free for more than four days, we go out of Mumbai or probably out of India as well. We don’t let out days go a waste. We use it to the fullest. We both are nature lovers. Both of us are very mountain people.

You always maintain a low profile when it comes to your interactions with media. Why is it so?

I believe that our work should speak everything. Media interactions, I don’t do much because mostly we tend to get misunderstood. Also, I don’t like much to be talking about my personal space and professional space. The professional part of it is visible to all. So I don’t need to talk about it.

The Pehredaar Piya Ki controversy has been the talking point for all in the industry. You have earlier worked with the Producers Sumeet and Shashi Mittal. So what have you to say about it?

I have worked with Shashi Sumeet. They are one of the most intelligent Producers. They are the ones who made Diya Aur Baati Hum, Punar Vivah, and both were cult shows which had good social messages as well. When they are doing something like this, I am sure they have something at the back of their mind. Maybe sooner or later, people will understand what it is. I have not watched any episode of the show. I have only read whatever has been written around. So whatever I am saying is only purely on my assumption. But I have worked with those people; they have been like family, I have been to to their place for dinners, met them so many times. So I will only give them my good wishes, and will want only good to happen to them. Who is saying what, I don’t really care.

What do you think is the secret of good marital life, especially in this industry?

I don’t feel that I am anybody to be commenting on anybody’s marriage. All depends on the individual relationship that we have with our respective spouses and family in which we are living. This is something very personal. And I am sorry to say, there is no secret or mantra to follow. You are into a relationship; you have to give your 100 percent to it. You have to receive love from the other end. You have to be honest; you have to be like friends. There has to be no burden, no stress at all. Life is not that smooth. Life is full of ups and downs. In case there is a down in life, do something which will make you happy and your family happy. That’s the point where you need you support system that I was talking about.

So what do you people follow?

We both are very old school. We try and be how we have seen our parents growing. I have a lot of respect for Nikki because generally, he is a very nice man. Being in this industry, I have seen people around and I have hardly found any like him. That’s the reason why I got married to him.

How’s the transition been for you of being the ‘bahu’ from being the ‘beti’?   

I think I have not got to really experience that. I have only been working. Once I decide to take a break, only then will I understand the transformation. But for now, nothing has really changed. In fact, I go out more often now. I go out on vacations more often now because I have company. So marriage has added more colors and lot of love into my life.

What about extending your family?

I have not really thought about it. You just cannot think about it when you are working for 10 hours daily. How can you even plan to have a family? I know it’s very important. It’s one of the most important factors in your life. Yes, I will love to have a family, but only when I have time. I have many commitments as of now, which are higher in terms of priority. Only when I am done with that, I will think of family.

What do you think of the web content evolving?

I am not a business person, I am just an artist. I may work for TV, I may work for theatre, I may work for web series. I would want to showcase my talent, be it anywhere. So the medium does not matter much. In fact, I would love to explore something new if I get a chance.

What about the bold content on the digital space?

Personally, I am not that confident to do such bold content. I don’t think I can ever do that. But yes, there is nothing else that I cannot do in terms of medium.

Who are the contemporary actors or the newcomers that you admire?  

Anjali Anand of Dhhai Kilo Prem, I have seen her and she has a kind of ‘oomph’ factor in her. Though I have not seen her show, she looks really cute and talented and I have heard good things about her and the show. Personally, I like Divyanka Tripathi. She’s one of the prettiest faces we have on television. Another is Jennifer Winget who has broken all the taboos and stereotypes of television.

Looking back, how do you see your career progression?

I am pretty happy and content with my career. By God’s grace, my career has only moved upwards, and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I don’t think I could have asked for more. I have gotten more than what I deserve. So I am very happy.

Any plans of Bollywood?

I have never thought of it and I will never think about it. I am so comfortable in my space. If I had to think of it, I would have thought of it before marriage.

How active are you on social media?

I am not as active as other people are. But I am pretty active. I see my fans’ messages, reply to them, like them and at times even block them if they bug me (smiles). I have all sorts of people around me.

Finally, your message to your fans.

I know one thing that my fans really love me. They always supported me. I am very overwhelmed with their response and their love towards me. When my birthday comes, I end up cutting 15-16 cakes which come for them. I have so many gifts, braces, appreciations on instagram – all this motivates me a lot. I can only thank them.

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