Everyone’s favourite Shivangi Joshi aka Naira from Yeh Rihsta Kya Kehlata Hai is very active on instagram and she has been posting her beautiful pictures on instagram and we are addressing her as our Instgrammer of the week.

View Instagram Post 1: Instagrammer of the week: Shivangi Joshi

The light green dress, pink umbrella and cute smile of Shivangi in this beautiful post will make anyone fall in love with Shivangi. She is seen enjoying the monsoon with open wet hair and her cute smile is make her look adorable.

View Instagram Post 2: Instagrammer of the week: Shivangi Joshi

In this latest instagram post of hers she is seen enjoying her life to the fullest and also motivating her fans through the caption on what everyone needs to do in order to fly high and become successful. They Striped dress really looks beautiful on Shivangi.

View Instagram Post 3: Instagrammer of the week: Shivangi Joshi

Denim Jacket, denim Short skirt and beautiful Shivangi what else is a better combination to be seen in one single picture. Shivangi is showing her swag while posing in this full denim outfit and looks really gorgeous and stunning.

These are some of Shivangi’s recent posts on instagram and she looks adorable in each of these posts. Hence we say that Shivangi Joshi is our Instagrammer of the week.