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Jennifer Winget has a packed schedule every day as she stays indoors owing to the Coronavirus threat. Check here to know more.

Jennifer Winget is locked down: We tell you what she is doing indoors

Jennifer Winget the popular star seen in Sony TV’s Beyhadh in the fabulous role of Maya is utilizing the ‘Stay at Home’ phase owing to the Coronavirus threat to the fullest of use.

On Instagram, Jennifer took to writing in-depth about how she keeps herself busy and we quote her from her social media post:

Says Jennifer, “Get the 6-8 hours of proper sleep. Let your body really reboot to do everything else that I will be posting next.”

Spreading positivity all around her, Jennifer as she visualizes the rising sun, posts, “The sun still shines every day, you know and that’s hope enough that this too shall pass. We will get through this if we stay indoors.”

On trying out new recipes at this need of the hour, Jennifer explains in her post, “A chef not by choice but with no choice. Tried basic eggs today but they look more frightened than me in these trying times.”

The talented actress also took to colours and she quotes, “Indulging in some art therapy with watercolours. It sure has been a while, but I think I am doing a good job colouring within the lines. Will get better with time, Picasso!!”

And she also takes up some gardening time. “Getting my hands dirty with some planting and potting. Positivity goes notches higher when I surround myself with plants at home.”

A vivid reader, Jennifer makes some time out for reading too. “From empowering yourself with the knowledge to letting your imagination run wild, settling down cosily with a book is reserved for my afternoons after lunch.”

A music lover, Jennifer says, “Music is my healing, it lifts me, sometimes even helps me drift. It can transport you to happier times spent with friends and take you to a certain memory, that will make you smile.”

Jennifer also has family and friends’ time by calling them. “Share what you are feeling, open up, voice yourself, share a laugh!! You will be left feeling lighter and better after this. I promise!!.”

She also gets into self-care, “Here’s me indulging in some goofy business with a face mask.”

“And a selfie should always follow self-care.”

Taking time off for her pets, Jennifer also strongly sends out a message saying, “Pets are not carriers of Coronavirus. Spend time with your pets. If you don’t have one, now is as good a time to get one.”

“In my own company, I also light up a lot of scented candles with essential oils. The aim is to create a cosy comfort that inspires you creatively.”

“Evenings are for exercise, dancing, yoga or meditation. Sweat it out. Get that heart racing.”

“Don’t forget what a nice hot shower can do to relieve you off the day before finally snuggling into Netflix and chill.”

Aww, Jennifer!!

Great tips for a great day!!

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