Aanchal Khurana talks about her stint in Mehek

I am just waiting for Mehek to end so that I can return to Mumbai- Aanchal Khurana

Aanchal Khurana, who has just joined Zee TV show Zindagi Ki Mehek as Maya, is really under the weather.

“Due to telecast issues we are shooting nonstop. Over work coupled with crippling Delhi heat has really made me sick, my blood pressure is down and yet I am on set.  To make matters worse is three hours travelling time to get home from our distant set,” says this Delhi gal who had earlier done shows like Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke and Meri Saasu Maa etc among others.

“When I first got the offer of going back home I was happy but now miss Mumbai.  I am not even able to meet my family, forget   friends. Mom is asleep when I reach and leave.  Since fixed call time is 9 am to 10 pm I have to be up by 5 am hence not getting enough sleep as well.  I am just waiting for Mehek to end so can return to Mumbai,” adds the lovely actress whose Roadies victory made her a popular name.

But is this not common TV work issue? “No, I have worked in other shows where things were not that bad. I really don’t know why Mehek shoot has always been cut to cut!   We are canning tomorrow’s episode today.  I wonder who is at fault… Is it programming or scheduling?”

“I have already fainted a couple of times on set and once had to be hospitalized   –  over work plus need to eat heavy street food as per demands of the scene result to illness.  I was rushed to hospital where the doctor prescribed five days bed rest.  I said ‘no’ knowing the show will get affected, plus I can’t sit at home for long.”

She continues: “Even now I am unwell and require undergoing some blood tests but will not be able do it before weekend. Saturday and Sunday is telecast off, so   will be easy   then. Being a professional I also understand that it is also not their fault.”

Coming to her character Aanchal says, “It is refreshing to play a sister character involved in property dispute. I was tired of playing someone who only creates discords between husband and wife. But it all depends on ratings on how the character plays out in the future.”

We wish her success.

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