Surbhi Jyoti and Shoaib Ibrahim have joined hands for a music video ‘Kaise Bataye’ and we can’t stop missing out on their cosy romantic bits in the video. With glimpses of heartbreaks, steamy salsa and amazing chemistry, the two truly enthused the meaning of the song in the music video. And now as it gets released on YouTube, we can’t stop loving the duo on the screen.

Sharing the video, Surbhi Jyoti wrote, “Kaise Bataaye is Out Now A Song about arguments, fights and disagreements in relationships but in the end only Love wins”

A fan wrote, “Keep giving us new projects like this, but along with that have to also take full care of yourself. You should also rest on time and eat well because nothing is more important than your good health.”

Another wrote, “Nice one !❤️ good job my girl Loved seeing your beautiful face after such long time. Loved the song and so happy to see you with Shoaib again. Lots of love”

A third user wrote, “Kaise Bataaye” gonna rule all over the hearts”