Rajiv Adatia and Shivangi Joshi are two individuals who quite literally had a blast when they participated together in KKK 12. Both of them managed to put their best efforts forward and that’s why, we are totally thrilled to see the entertainment quotient coming from their end in the show. The duo managed to become extremely good friends in real life and that’s why, soon after they returned to India from South Africa, they decided to catch up and have a good time. Well, not just catch up, they also decided to create fun reels together.

Well, as far as creating fun reels is concerned, we see a very hilarious and interesting thing from their end. Just when Rajiv asked Shivangi about what type of men she likes, she had the most hilarious and badass answer. Do you want to check out? Take a look below –

View Instagram Post 1: KKK 12: Rajiv Adatia asks Shivangi Joshi whether she likes handsome or intelligent men, her answer shocks him

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