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Manit Joura goes the extra mile for stray dogs during this COVID-19 Lockdown

Here is what Kundali Bhagya actor Manit Joura doing for stray dogs during this COVID-19 Lockdown

Ever since Kundali Bhagya was launched, the show has been the most loved Indian television show. The stellar cast including the likes of Dheeraj Dhoopar (Karan), Shaddha Arya (Preeta), Manit Joura (Rishab), Anjum Fakih (Shrishti), Sanjay Gagnani (Prithvi) and Abhishek Kapur (Sameer), are being appreciated by one and all. However, looks like everyone’s love for Manit is going to grow by leaps and bounds after hearing about what he has been up to during this COVID-19 Lockdown.

In such difficult times when the whole country is locked down courtesy COVID-19, the Kundali Bhagya actor is trying to give back to the world in his own little and humble way. Manit Joura has come out in support of man’s best friend, dogs. He loves canines and hence, he is going the extra mile for them. In association with Animals Matter To Me (AMTM), the actor has been feeding the stray dogs and with immense safety as instructed by the Government. In fact, they have taken permission from the Mumbai Police to be able to go around the city for the same. In crucial times like these, when the horror of getting affected by the virus haunts everyone and keeps them indoors, he has shown immense courage and selflessness for the ones in need, who cannot even speak, and are often neglected.

When asked about the initiative, Manit shared, “Animals are as much a part of our society as we are! Domesticated animals have lived around humans all their lives and are mostly fed by them. In fact, dogs have forever been a man’s best friend. However, the nationwide lockdown has rendered them confused, unfed, and thus, hungry and in this hour of need, I believe, we must show up for them. I’m so grateful that AMTM understood the cruciality of the situation and supported the cause. I wish we could do this on a larger scale, only if we were not victim to such critical situations.”

The dog lover in Manit could not help but say, “It’s our duty to look after these animals in the times of need. I would go bonkers if Bella (his dog) is subject to anything of this sort. Being the parent of my beautiful Irish Setter, Bella has taught me so much compassion and empathy. And I wish we all could have the same for the stray dogs who have always been around us. I do hope everybody is safe and staying indoors and is doing their bit to help the society in their own ways.”

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