Sayantani Ghosh who is presently seen in Sanjivani 2, gives her take on Bigg Boss 13 and its contestants.

Let’s face it, relationships and fights sell in Bigg Boss: Sayantani Ghosh

Bigg Boss 6 contestant Sayantani Ghosh finds all the moral policing regarding Bigg Boss 13 inmates a tad too much.

“Life is grey. There is no clear definition of a good or bad arc. Having said that, things like not hitting on someone is any which ways off the charts.”

“Take all the hue and cry regarding Paras Chhabra playing the game with Shehnaaz Gilll and Mahira Sharma inside the house despite having a girl outside. Why is it our concern, let the affected parties sort it out amongst themselves.”

“I think there are much more pressing problems to pay attention to, rather than worry about what the contestants are doing and with whom,” says Sayantani, who is currently doing a play and Star Plus med drama, Sanjivani.

“One more thing that irks me is the double standards. On the one hand, you are asked to be your normal self and then you are also expected to mind your Ps and Qs, given that cameras are around. When true feelings are vented, uncomfortable things will be said and done, so then deal with it, right?”

“It has also become normal to put actors under the microscope and judge whatever we do. Guys, we are human too. Give us a break. Do we ask audiences what you do inside your home?”

So are you following the show regularly?

“Not really, but I do follow the social media update. And yes, there is an interest, for I know several of the inmates personally. Devoleena Bhattacharjee is a close friend and we share similar values, both hailing from small towns and coming to the big city. She is also a very straightforward girl.”

Point out that her Bigg Boss stint back in 2012 was uneventful.

“You know, it is really interesting. Tell me, is it possible that you keep shut for 24 hours? You will express yourself, no matter that you are reserved and an introvert by nature. But I guess they will eventually only show juicy content in the final 45 minutes edited show.”

“Also, our season was an experiment where we tried to give more entertainment than the normal. But eventually, everybody seems to tune into Bigg Boss only for relationships and fights. Who likes to watch Hum Saath Saath type friendships. No wonder, most contestants go in with the mindset of playing with either of the above elements.”

“Last but not the least, I also have an issue with this season’s gals constantly invoking the women’s card.”

“I am all for women empowerment, but that too needs to be seen in the correct perspective. Women are not weak. I don’t like the policy of keeping separate seating for women. Seats should be kept vacant, but for the elderly, be it men or women.”

“Coming back to Bigg Boss, it was sad that some women are targeting Sidharth Shukla for jostling, when they themselves were doing the same thing with him. This is not done, period.”




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