Shivangi Khedkar, who was studying engineering decided to leave it and pursue her passion for acting. The young Tollywood actress recently made her TV debut with Star Plus’ show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali produced by Sandiip Sikand.

Commenting on her role and show, she says, “I am super excited for my debut. I have done a Telugu film before but this genre is limited to south. I was so happy when I got a call for an audition. Soon, everything turned out in my favor, and also I had no second thoughts too. I immediately agreed to be a part of it. I am a fan of simple stories which I can relate to.”

Is there any pressure regarding making a mark amongst the other contemporary actresses? “I never wanted to be a star, I always wanted to be an actor. I have not planned things on how am I going to promote myself, all am I planning on right now is that I have to put my best foot forward and my acting has to be bang on. I want to be known as an actor,” shares the actress.

Talking about her bond with co-stars, Shivangi adds, “I have had an amazing time with my co-stars and we have already become like one big family. We sit together and improvise lines. We have great talented actors on set. Working with experienced actors, you always take something back home in the form of learnings.”

On an end note, Shivangi reveals about the X-factor of her character Pallavi. She mentions, “We are not similar. Pallavi is like ‘ghar ka beta’. She has a lot of responsibilities on her shoulder at a young age and she completes them to the T. We both have one thing in common which is that we are simple. We are just grateful for whatever we have and we love them. I think I look up to Pallavi and would love to become like her.”

Well said Shivangi!