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Sukirti Kandpal returns after a span of two years with Story 9 Months Ki

I was looking for a substantial role to play on TV: Sukirti Kandpal

Actor Sukirti Kandpal is making a comeback on the small screen after a span of two years with the lead role of Alia Shroff in Sony Entertainment Television’s new offering – Story 9 Months Ki. The show, a romcom, is an accidental love story of the urbane Alia and desi Sarang, bound together by the unexpected miracle of IVF! Story 9 Months Ki promises to offer shades of emotions, laughter and a strong progressive narrative, all wrapped in one.

Alia Shroff represents today’s girl, who has not only planned all things in her life but also executed them and is a successful businesswoman at the age of 30. She is independent & strong willed and wants to achieve everything on her own without asking for anyone’s help. Having a failed marriage, she decides to become a mother and believes she can raise a child all by herself. Therefore, she opts for IVF and is looking for a suitable donor.

Talking about her reasons on signing up for this role, Sukirti shares, “Story 9 Months Ki is a special show with a beautiful story. It’s going to be entertaining with a progressive outlook which is relevant & relatable in today’s day and age. The concept of single motherhood and IVF is being highlighted in an Indian TV show for the first time. For me, it’s important to be part of a project that has an appealing subject and something new and challenging for me to sink my teeth into. I was looking for a substantial role to play on TV, and fortunately this show came along. I couldn’t have thought of anything to better than a show like this. Story 9 Months Ki will be a show that the audience will enjoy, right from the story, the theme to the characters – everything is well chalked out.”

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