In conversation with Aditi Sharma.

A love-based marriage should be for keeps: Aditi Sharma 

If there are more girls like newbie Aditi Sharma of Zee TV show, Kaleerein, then the age-old desi institution of marriage, which is now facing a threat with more and more urban women ready to take a quick call, can still be salvaged.

Aditi, whose character in the show is facing major marital issues owing to the husband’s forced bad behavior, says, “Although I am very young and focused on my career at present, based on my understanding of life and the family values inculcated in me, I firmly believe that, no matter what the situation, a marriage based on love has to be for keeps.”

“You should not give up on your partner easily, for true love does not go anywhere. Every deep relationship leaves an impact. I am sure we all have some kind of connection with our past BF/GF as well.”

“No doubt, fights and differences of opinion will always happen. But rather than reacting instantly when you feel all is bleak, take a breather. Mostly, over time, taking a look at the bigger picture, you decide against rocking the boat. The essential point is to try to understand what the other says and try to adjust as far as possible.”

Here, Aditi also cautions youngsters against getting hitched too soon. “You need to give yourself and the other person time, to get to know each other. Post marriage, you have till eternity.”

“But yes, if you are not happy with someone, then you should take a call, but I would suggest that you still try to make it happen. Also, if you have been husband-wife for, say, over twenty long years, is it worth going your separate ways now? There must be something that kept you together for so long. Have you also thought about its impact on your grown-up kids and their take on relations?”

Very noble thought, and yes, we also noted that Aditi has only talked about sticking on where there is love. Sometimes, certain burden marriages also happen, where one partner is oppressed. At such times, it is better to take a call; right, Aditi?

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