Versatile actor Aamir Dalvi who played a ruffian with dark colors in Colors’ Devanshi will now be seen at his sophisticated best in Zee TV’s Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi (Deejaa Productions and Pixx Films).

This will be Aamir’s return to Zee TVafter a hiatus. He was last seen on the channel in the role of a mentally challenged guy in Sanskaar Laxmi.

Seen playing challenging characters that he takes up, Aamir will be seen in a new look in the show.

On the uniqueness in the role, Aamir says, “I always love to experiment with my look. So I got an opportunity to do that again. This is the first thing that attracted me towards this role. Secondly, I have never played a rich and powerful man. There are a lot of layers to this character; he is not bad but he has got his own way.”

Aamir has gone in for a crew cut, with short hair for the show. Talking more on his look, he avers, “All look for a certain fashion statement whether it is in clothes or look. After a point, everyone go for the in-fashion trend and there comes a point where all look the same across the board. To bring uniqueness, I have a very different kind of a hair cut and look so that the character stands out.”

Elaborating on the character, the actor states, “Rajveer is a rich man; money runs in his family. He is highly educated and knows what to do. He is a guy who knows how to make a ten million out of a hundred. The best part is that he does it in his own way; the way can be anything, even if it means crushing somebody. For him, he needs to reach his goal. He will fall for the lead girl Tejaswini, and this is when he will want her in his life and will not care even if she is married.”

Aamir opines that to begin with, an actor should be given a good character in writing. “The producers and creative team have come up with very good writing with respect to this character. Writing is where it all starts; if it is not written well, not much can be done with a character.”

The talented actor feels that it is very challenging as an artist to take up a show that is doing well. “When you enter a premise that is well set with actors and story line in place, it indeed becomes a test for the actor coming in. All depends on how well you make a mark and deliver.”

Talking about his co-stars Pranav Misshra and Jyoti Sharma, Aamir states, “Both are really forthcoming. They are the younger lot who started their career much after me. So it is good to see their enthusiasm and match up to their energy and being on the same page.”

Aamir who has done roles of great variety has till now kept away from being part of mythological and historical shows. In fact, Aamir left us by surprise by saying that he was offered the role of King Bamani in Porus. “Mythos are the in thing right now and they really pay actors handsomely. According to me, if you have an idea, you should be able to visualize it. In my case, I am not able to do it in this genre with much confidence. Also the language used cannot be altered in the script. I dread treading in this path. But you never know, if I take it, I might as well end up being a decent actor. Having said this, I might get mentally prepared if I get a lead role that will challenge me in the eye.”

Aamir Dalvi’s entry in Zee TV’s Aisi Deewangi will be aired tonight.

And we wish the actor all the best!!