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Rajev Paul shares his style and preference in home decor

I would love to have pictures of my loved ones on my favourite wall: Rajev Paul

Rajev Paul brings a certain gravitas in his interactions, reflecting maturity and experience. He weighs his words before speaking often to the extent of being profound and professional.

An industry veteran having entertaining masses for years now, Rajev commands a great degree of respect and love from fraternity members as well his legions of global fans.

His acting prowess has wowed one and all in shows like Swabhimaan, Abhimaan, Yes Boss, Rishtey, Meher, Aahat et al. His balanced coupled with bravura performance in Bigg Boss season 6 earned him the cheeky yet cute sobriquet ‘Paul Pachino’ from Salman Khan.

In an exclusive chat with IndianWikiMedia, Rajev talks about his preference and taste pertaining to home decor and interiors. A must read for all…

As you know, we Live within the 4 walls, be it your home, studio, office, gym, club…Where do you spend your maximum time?

Well, when shooting, of course on the sets and my vanity van. Or else in my home.

Your favourite corner in your home – your preferred space? 

It’s the green corner at home…to be precise, one of my windows at home is completely covered with plants, so it adds a bit of serenity to the otherwise cacophonic Mumbai ambience.

Which is your favourite wall in your home and why?

Well, my favourite wall is yet to be done up, where I would like to put up some nice pictures of mine and my family. I hope to get it done soon.

 Do your walls reflect your personality?

 It does and the entire home reflects who I am and I am sure that would be the case with everyone else as well.

Would you like your Portrait Wallcovering? Is there a wall in your house where you would like your Portrait? 

Portrait wallcovering is what most of the actors would love to have, which is great. But for me more than my portrait I would like to have pictures of my loved ones, people who are close to me.

How often do you throw parties at your place? I am sure you would be wearing new outfits for every party … what about your walls?

I do change the furnishings et al, but complete change or makeover is not something I do very soon or repeatedly. Reason being I take time to settle in and once I find my comfort space, I like to stay in it. That’s the way I am.

Home is where the heart is…your comments? So tell us about your sweet home?

Home is special. Home is where your comfort level lies, where you feel at peace with yourself. You make so many memories, your family members, your friends all come over, have fun, enjoy.  Home is indeed where the heart is, like they say, ‘no place like home.”

 70% of the walls across the world are dressed with Wallcoverings. What would you like on your walls?

I like nature and greenery. So I would put flowers and plants wallcoverings. It will make the place more vibrant and lively.

Wallcoverings help in creating a new look, a wow element, add the drama, make a statement, every time… do you have one at home?

I am planning to get one. These days there are so many different designs in display that one can choose what suits one the best, as per one’s persona and mood. It’s getting more and more in vogue…they really lend a unique appeal to a home. Let’s see which design I choose eventually.

If one wall in your house had to be changed…what would you put there?

Pictures of my loved ones and flowers & plants.

Which is your favourite destination in the world? What if we could bring your favourite place to your home permanently on your wall?

If I have to get a destination in my home it has to be Maldives. I like the sea, the sun and the beaches. It will be serene and soothing.

Rajev indeed has a fine and classy taste when it comes to home décor. It’s time you deck up your home as well.

Wallcoverings have come a long way, today you can get your design on your wall the way you want it.

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