Gulki Joshi talks about her new show Maddam Sir

In Maddam Sir, I am very calm and composed but in real life, I am opposite of it: Gulki Joshi

Sony SAB has kept the viewers entertained with its light-hearted value-driven show Maddam Sir, which was launched earlier this year.

The show keeps its audience enthralled with an amazing mix of talented actors and a gripping storyline which takes the viewers on an exciting journey.

Talking about her character, Gulki Joshi, playing the role of Haseena Mallik said, “My character is of a calm and composed officer who believes in solving cases peacefully. Her motto is to solve every case with a calm mind.”

When asked about the challenges related to the character, she added, “Apart from understanding the layers of the character, it was important to get into the skin of a police officer and understand the responsibility of the same. I never explored such a character in my career. In the show, I am a very calm and composed person but in real life, I am the opposite of it. I involve in a lot of fun and masti on set.”

Gulki feels there have been a lot of changes on set post COVID-19 scare.

“There are a lot of changes post COVID-19. There are fewer people on the sets. There are different layers to maintain safety and ensure the well-being of everyone on the sets. No one is allowed to enter the set without proper sanitization and safety gear. It feels like you are crossing a war zone and entering the set, however it is right too,” she ends.

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