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Sanjay Gagnani talks about ex-co-star Mahira Sharma's journey in Bigg Boss 13

Mahira’s proximity to Paras in Bigg Boss 13 might cost her big time: Sanjay Gagnani

Sanjay Gagnani, of Kundali Bhagya fame, is an ardent watcher of big ticket Colors reality show, Bigg Boss.

“I don’t miss any episode, for my friend Mahira Sharma is a part of it.” Mahira was also a part of Kundali, when both became friends.

“Even back then she wanted to be a part of Bigg Boss. I am so happy that she fulfilled her dream within a year.”

What kind of gal is Mahira?

“She is a very sweet fun-loving gal, but yes, she will not tolerate anyone taking a swipe at her self-respect and dignity (digs at aukaat and being called as tu instead of aap). She had assured her parents before entering, that she will not have any link-ups with anyone in the house.”

When asked about her equation with Paras Chhabra in the house, Sanjay did admit that a lot of her game seems to revolve around Paras.

“Rather, she should pursue an independent strategy. While I hope she wins, her bonding with Paras might cost her heavy, for as of now, only Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill seem to be nominating her. Shukla does not like Paras, being in opposite groups, and Sana is again jealous of Mahira’s friendship with the former Splitsvilla winner. I don’t think anything is cooking between Paras and her, but yes, if both become good friends while playing their respective games, it is justified.”

Ask him about Mahira’s scrap last night with Sidddharth Shukla during the saanp seedhi task, and he says, “It was unfortunate, but then I guess the competitive zeal to win tops everything else. And a while after going in, you become oblivious of the cameras and start doing your own thing.”

“A lot of the rage can also be explained by way of the concept of defence mechanism. You will react if others use unethical means to topple your efforts.”

“But again, even others were equally guilty of crossing the line, like Shehnaaz and Shefali Bagga, etc. Bigg Boss himself commented that muck outside the house was reflective of the action of all the inmates.”

“I must say I have never seen so much friction on Bigg Boss before.”

When asked about Shukla, he says, “All said and done, he is being seen the most, so I guess he is playing the game well. And one more thing, he never initiates drama. He only screams and pushes around when provoked. Like in yesterday’s snakes and ladder task, his hands were clean until Paras stepped into the melee. Shukla had already declared that if someone messes with his work, all bets would be off.”

“Last but not the least, he is not coming across as fake. If he does not like you, he does not fib fearing nominations. Agreed he is short-tempered, but that is a human trait, right?”

In closing, when asked if he would want Shukla and Mahira to kiss and make up, he says, “While I would like it, even if it does not happen it is fine, for I understand how difficult it is to live with so much negativity.”

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