Check out Dangal TV's popular show Mann Sundar episode 727 spoiler, where you will witness Ruhi showing her talent as she walks the ramp while Agni plans a new conspiracy against her.

Mann Sundar Episode 727 Spoiler: Ruhi Impresses With Her Ramp Walk, Agni Plans New Conspiracy

In Dangal TV’s popular show Mann Sundar, the audience are witnessing intense drama with an interesting storyline. Now, the viewers will see that Ruhi gets a modeling opportunity from Nahar’s agent, Mr. Singhania; witnessing this all, Agni gets furious. So she plans to tamper with Ruhi’s serum to spoil her hair, but the tables turn, and Agni’s hair gets spoiled.

Later, Juhi and Avnu teach Ruhi how to walk on the ramp; Ruhi’s foot slips, and she falls, but Bahar comes to the spot and grabs Ruhi. Then, a beautiful romantic moment is created between the two. Both get lost in each other’s eyes and then Nahar teaches Ruhi how to walk.

Agni again tries to attract Nahar, but she fails to do so. On the day of the ramp walk, Ruhi comes on stage very nervous, and everyone makes fun of her. But Ruhi showcases her performance as she starts walking, impresses everyone, and claps for her. Ruhi continues to show her magic in different sarees while Agni plans a new conspiracy against her.

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