Both men and women show a lot of skin in Porus - Shraddha Musale

Shraddha Musale talks about her role in Sony TV’s Porus...

Both men and women show a lot of skin in Porus – Shraddha Musale

TV actors always aspire to play different characters. Shraddha Musale aka Dr Tarika of CID has really walked this talk. Besides continuing to helping the CID crack cases as a forensic expert, she will now also be seen as Queen of pirates in Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming magnum opus show Porus (Swastik Productions).”

Says Shraddha, “I guess the universe conspires to get what you really wish for. My character is really important, for as the story goes my husband gets injured; hence all decisions of state craft fall on my character’s shoulders. Porus spends his childhood days with us ( Dasuya kingdom).”

However she does not think that her track will end when the above legendary king grows up. She also would have no qualms about playing mother to one of the main characters played by Reeya Dipsi (who was the childhood companion of Porus). “It is all about playing characters and as long as they make me look hot and sexy, it is cool.”

Here Shraddha adds that all major cast underwent extensive exercise/training, so that they are ready for the war scenes. “In a way these works out are needed for both men and women. In this show, the characters get to show a lot of skin (you can check out the costumes); hence you need to look fit.”

Will you able to work out the dates with CID? “Being such an integral part of CID I will work it out, and can always skip a couple of stories and be back. This is possible, for our format is not daily but episodic.”

Since you will do lots of action here, is it not ironical that we never saw your action avatar in CID? “Well you need to appreciate the fact that for me, being a doctor fighting outside the lab will be jarring. Yes we have had a few episodes where I have had action sequences; but it was just to save my character’s dear life.”

In closing we ask about the sudden death of Salil Singh, CIDs director and elder son of Producer B.P. Singh and she exclaims, “It was tragic. All of us went there but I will rather not talk about that now.”

Best of luck, Shraddha!!

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