Rahul Sharma, the lead of &TV’s Mitegi Lakshman Rekha talks about how the society should change the mindset and thought process and accept rape survivors as any other human.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha is an attempt to change the thought-process of people regarding rape survivors: Rahul Sharma

The track of &TV’s Mitegi Lakshmanrekha (Shashi Sumeet Productions) is getting into the intense drama mode of Vishesh (Rahul Sharma) and Kanchan’s (Shivani Tomar) marriage plans being halted. While the story deals with the aftermath of rape and the mental humiliation one has to bear for a lifetime, the lead actor Rahul Sharma believes that the society on the whole has a high level of matureness and awareness that a rape survivor is not at fault for whatever has happened in her life.

Says Rahul, “While we preach this, not many practice it and are seen hesitating to take their side. The easiest way out is to blame the woman raped, justifying the occurrence of the incident with either her negative fate or her so called ‘incorrect’ style of dressing, behaviour, so on and so forth. With the current track in Mitegi Lakshman Rekha, we wish to break this mentality and urge people to bring in a change in their thought-process regarding rape survivors, educating them that it’s never the clothes or a woman’s destiny that leads to mishaps like this. By bringing to light various instances of society’s behaviour towards a rape survivor, we hope that the audience starts empathising with them rather than showing plain sympathy towards them.”

We hope every man thinks like Vishesh!!

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