Candid chat with Vivian Dsena

If not an actor, I would have been a footballer: Vivian Dsena

Not many people know that actor Vivian Dsena is a big-time football crazy. Not only does he like to watch football, but he is a terrific football player himself, “Yes, I’m into football big time. I have been playing the sport since I was 10 years old. My father was a professional footballer so in Ujjain, quite early in life I developed a love for the sports. My mother was an athlete for Indian Railways and father a footballer for Indian Railways I am a big admirer of Messy and have followed his career graph.”

He further adds, “I thrive on football as sports and feel it gives the body and mind a perfect balance. I prefer football any day over the gym or any other sport. To be honest, I have no affinity towards cricket, not even if I am getting paid. For cricket, I won’t even travel 2 km but for playing football I would travel 250 km too. Cricket I do watch but I will never take an off just to watch cricket. I am aware cricket is religion in India and people are crazy. I am following the world cup but only with regards to India. I catch up the score on TV but I am not mad about cricket at all. I feel football need to be encouraged more in India especially in school and colleges. !”

Vivian has played a lot of matches against Bollywood stars as a part of the All-Star football team. He explains, “It is a good experience and we all are learning the game. It has been three years now that we have been playing together. Our team is called All-Star Football Club. We practice at least four to five days a month, mostly on Sunday evenings. Since everybody has a very hectic schedule, including Ranbir Kapoor,  we have to adjust to everybody’s timings and practice accordingly.  Playing football gives me a lot of peace and satisfaction. I have had some back issues when I couldn’t play football for some months. Football is one topic I can talk on for long. Someday I will like to open a football academy for sure. The world players should be invited to India often to encourage sports. When you meet someone you admire it gives a very different kind of motivation. If I had not been an actor I would have been a footballer for sure.  Football gives me a high of a different kind. I play football once a week. More than that is not possible courtesy daily soap shoot. Every actor should play at least one sport once a week. The gym is fine but there is no substitute for playing a sport.”

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