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Karanvir Bohra Defends Himself Against Charges Of Being Anti-Hindu

Not anti-Hindu, will not apologise: Karanvir Bohra

Last week when television and film actor Karanvir Bohra posted a meme on a war scene from the Ramanand Sagar serial Ramayan showing a junior artiste dancing in the background , and captioned it “When you don’t get paid enough for your job” he was savagely trolled for being disrespectful to the Hindu religion.

But Karanvir refuses to apologize.

He says, “Please tell me how I was being disrespectful to the Hindu religion. I am a Hindu and proud to be one. This whole campaign to discredit me is like Chinese whispers and God knows, these days we are not inclined towards anything Chinese. This was a meme. It started with some trolls asking me how I could compare this war scene in Ramayan with the Game of Thrones. Agreed, this could offend some . But how does this make me disrespectful to my religion. You know my form of greeting anytime anywhere is Om namah shivay.”

Karanvir hits out at the intolerant sections. “They should be banned from the social media. There is so much turmoil all around us. But still such people enjoy making mountains out of molehills. Aise log kabhi khush nahin ho sakte. I want to tell them, I am not going to apologize. The meme is about a glitch in the serial. It’s funny. People made memes on the Game Of Thrones when they spotted bloopers. I did the same. What’s this got to do with religion? I want to tell people who gunning for me to go take a hike.”

Karanvir is appalled at the way the electronic channels have projected his point of view. “They are saying things like, ‘Karanvir won’t apologize for being disrespectful to Hindi religion.’ When did I say that? All I am saying is I won’t apologize because I haven’t been disrespectful to our religion. If I had been disrespectful I’d get down on my knees and apologize profusely. So all those sensation-hungry channels, stop playing around with sensitive issues. Jahan ghalti hai wahan hai. Jahan nahin hai wahan hain hai.”

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