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Not disheartened with Love Ka Hai Intezaar ending: Preetika Rao

Preetika Rao, Aaliya of hit Colors show Beintehaa has recently returned to the small screen with the Star Plus afternoon show, Love Ka Hai Intezaar also starring Mohit Seghal and Sanjeeda Sheikh. She is pretty, talented and someone who has great command over the craft of acting.

We caught up with Preetika during her drive back from set for a quick chit chat on the show, life et al.

Preetika welcome back…

Don’t say welcome back, I was always around, there was always some or the other project (Radha Krishna or Rashmi Sharma’s Paheli) on offer, but somehow they just did not fructify. I also had this current project with me for over a year before it finally came on air.

What do you feel about your character in Love Ka Hai Intezaar?

It is a big relief that Mohini is someone who most girls of my generation can identify with. Her clothes are modern. It is a big departure from the sari sindoor kind of stuff, and also it is a love story. Among all the shows I was offered over the last year, this was way better.

What do you feel about your famed co –stars?

Mohit Sehgal is a thorough gentleman and an amazing actor to work with. Since we have similar thought processes, it becomes a breeze to work with him. Above all, he is a very giving co- star. Sanjeeda (Sheikh) is also a very talented actor and she has no hang-up creatively as well.

How would you compare Mohini with Aaliya of Beintehaa?

Both Mohini and Aaliya have parts of me and yet are poles apart, which is a big relief to me creatively. As actors it is our job to appear unique in every outing.

We know you have a very loyal fan base, what are they telling you regarding your new show?

They are very happy with the look of the show and my outfits. Also I am glad that my chemistry with Mohit is being appreciated. For once you have a hit pairing with an actor (she and Harshad in Beintehaa) in an earlier show, it gets very difficult to be accepted with somebody else.

Was the gap between both shows a tad long?

It is important to take a break given the massive exposure a hit daily project gives. You are seen daily. So the gap is needed to work on self and try to show diverse creative sides as well.

How do you feel about getting back to the grind after a break?

Fortunately, this production house (Alchemy Productions) is more organized; smart scheduling ensures that the actors get breathers. So far, it has been an amazing professional set up.

As the title suggests, when will you find love in real life?

It is a mystery for me as well. I guess when it is destined to happen, it will. There are many others who are single like me around who are waiting for Mr. and Ms. Right.

What is your idea about love?      

Love happens when two people feel mutually connected and comfortable in each other’s presence without having to resort to facades. And most importantly you need to be transparent in front of your partner and vice versa.

Your take on the afternoon slot?

Every slot has its own audience. The afternoon slot finds its audiences among house wives and school kids. I remember when I would come back from school, I would just watch the tube. All slots, be it afternoon or prime time are open for good content, as small town audiences is yet not receptive to digital competition as urban metro.

Will you also jump in the digital bandwagon as well?

I am open to web series and shorts, as digitization has thrown open new vistas of entertainment. Also I have seen certain very good actors in web series who are not yet known; I have become their fan. The power of the web can be summed up from the fact that all forms of content be it films, TV shows or web series eventually will be searched for on the net.

Finally, you being back is short-lived with Star Dopahar band shooting…

Well, it is a complete creative call.  If the channel feels that the slot is not working for whatever reason, it is their prerogative to continue or not. As a actor I don’t believe in shows which go on as a saga, I rather dig short and sweet work.  Personally my comfort level for any project is between 3-6 months. I don’t feel disheartened if my show ends within this time frame. I have been shooting for three months, also we should know our limitations. Looking ahead, I would be game for shorter format shows be it on TV or web.

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