Priyanka Purohit on enacting titular role in &TV’s Half Girlfriend

It is not needed to show skin to get noticed: Priyanka Purohit

Good looking lass Priyanka Purohit of Splitsvilla fame is all set for her maiden lead role in & TV show Half Marriage. “I am very excited for the concept is unique. It is not at all similar to the recent film Half Girl friend as claimed. We rather deal with a situation where a couple is forced into marriage due to political pressures. Here my on-screen father (Satyajit Sharma) compels me to get married to Tarun Mahilani who she does not like; the animosity is mutual yet they are forced to co- habitat under the same roof.”

Point out that couples in Hindi TV serials mostly never consummate their marriage and she says, “Well if we show happy-go-lucky couples, the show will shut down. And lets face it, forget reel life, even in real life, things are always not hunky dory, there will be ups and downs. Creatively, we need to strike a balance; we can’t over emphasis one aspect, lest it turn off the viewers.”

Being a very practical girl in real life, it was a challenge for her to essay a head strong, yet naïve Chandni. It took me a while to imbibe her; I did a lot of reading, saw movies to get inputs before enacting my scenes to play her just right.”

How would you compare your debut show, Splitsvilla S7 to various subsequent fiction outings (Bandhan and Kalash etc). “They are poles apart. In the former MTV reality show I was myself. But itis good to do fiction as you end up doing various kinds of characters.”

After doing parallel and negative leads (Sanyutk and Krishnadasi) it was a dream come true for this 25 year old to net a lead, “Who would not want to pay the central character? Plus I always wanted to work with producers Kavita Barjataya and Kaushik Ghatak, for they make very good shows.”

In closing she is open to doing web series as well, but is not open to doing bold stuff. “ I am not comfortable in presenting myself in a particular way and also feel that it is not needed to show skin to get noticed.”

All the best, Priyanka!!

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