Nakuul Mehta drops a photodump straight from the mountains, and we are in absolute awe of their family jam together. Check out below

[Photodump] Inside Nakuul Mehta’s family getaway in the mountains

Nakuul Mehta just spilt the tea (or should we say cocoa?) on his family’s ultimate mountain getaway! The heartthrob actor took to his Instagram handle to treat his fans to a delightful photodump straight from the snowy peaks, and oh boy, did it look like a winter wonderland extravaganza!

Nakuul Mehta’s stunning family photodump from the mountains

In this undisclosed pristine location amidst the mountains, Nakuul showcased the epitome of family bliss, featuring his lovely wife Jankee and their adorable son. The trio seemed to have indulged in some serious mountain magic, and Nakuul generously shared glimpses of their joyous moments. From cosying up with mugs of hot cocoa and diving into a mug cake fiesta to witnessing their little Picasso at work, painting some monkey-business masterpieces, this family getaway was nothing short of heartwarming.

But wait, there’s more! Nakuul spilt the deets on the magical menu of their retreat – brace yourselves for a dose of jam, gajjar ka halwa, and butter wala toast. It seems like they not only fed their souls with love but also their tummies with winter delights. Talk about the perfect family feast in the mountains!

Take a glance:

[Photodump] Inside Nakuul Mehta’s family getaway in the mountains 877121

[Photodump] Inside Nakuul Mehta’s family getaway in the mountains 877122

[Photodump] Inside Nakuul Mehta’s family getaway in the mountains 877123

In the midst of all this tranquillity and joy, Nakuul pondered the important questions, like when does one officially stop wishing each other “Happy New Year”? The verdict: never mind! He wrapped up his mountain chronicles with a wish for love and joy to be our amigos, leaving us all yearning for a taste of that mountain serenity.

So, here’s to Nakuul Mehta, his adorable family, and the ultimate mountain getaway that had us all dreaming of jam-filled winter escapades! May your year be as joyous as Nakuul’s mountain retreat, filled with good food, warm hugs, and, of course, the occasional mug cake masterpiece. Cheers to family, fun, and the lingering scent of gajjar ka halwa in the crisp mountain air!