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Pavitra Punia talks about Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

Portraying negative characters is my forte: Pavitra Punia aka Timnasa of Baalveer Returns

Television actress Pavitra Punia, who rose to fame with her negative portrayals in shows like Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Naagin, is currently playing the antagonist Timnasa in Sony Sab’s Baalveer Returns.

Talking about the show, Pavitra says, “I feel sheer joy every day when I get into Timnasa’s look and to be part of a show like Baalveer Returns. I wanted to be in the leagues of the leads and I was on the look out for a strong, powerful negative lead character and Baalveer Returns has granted me my long awaited wish. Portraying negative characters is my forte and this entire association is dreamlike and everything I ever looked for. When I came to know about the concept of Baalveer Returns, I was captivated by the magnificence of the show. Baalveer Returns is a grand show crafted with such intricate details.”

Ask how Timnasa is different from other characters, she adds, “I started my career with a positive role and I soon realized with my other projects that I had a flare for essaying negative characters. Portraying an antagonist in a story is challenging as you have to go through the hate from the viewers. Your character is not the adored one, but with Timnasa, as much as our viewers will hate Timnasa’s guts, they will still end up enjoying the character. The emotions expressed by the character are loud and getting into her shoes and delivering the right emotions brings the performer in me. Timnasa is a character that everyone will remember and I am honoured to play her role.

Commenting on the preparation for the role, “The stakes are high with show like Baalveer Returns. This role is inspiring me to push boundaries as an artist. In order to add more perfection to my role, I have started taking sword fighting lessons. Initially, I used to get hurt during the sword fighting sequences and I realized I was lacking some details. I have poured my heart and soul into this character and I didn’t want to stop.”

Way to go girl!

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