Post leap, Suyash is ruthless and uncaring: Dishank Arora

Candid chat with Dishank Arora

Post leap, Suyash is ruthless and uncaring: Dishank Arora

Dishank Arora is quite happy with the growth of his character in Star Bharat show, Jiji Maa. “Post the seven-year leap, Suyash has completely changed. He is now ruthless and does not care for anyone but money. The death of his child on the bus took away his earlier humanity and good nature, and he has become hard like his mother, Uttara Devi (Pallavi  Pradhan). He blames his wife Falguni (Tanvi Dogra) for the same and they have not met each other ever since.”

“I am really lucky as an actor to have got this role which has so much to offer, for example, the above 360 degree twist, which any actor worth his salt would love to sink his teeth into,” says Dishank, who made his TV debut with Love Ne Mila Di Jodi. He also been part of Ek Boond Ishq.

Dishank has also altered his body language as per his changing character graph. “Earlier, Suyash was quite casual in moving around; but now has stiffened as a focussed rich business man. I have also incorporated the coldness which does creep into people who have lost a lot.”

Point out about the uncertainty of desi TV – first there was a whiff that Jiji Maa might go off air, but then last minute change of thought saved the show, courtesy the above leap, to which he says, “As an actor, I am only bothered about my output. Also, over the years, I have realized one thing which is that you are only known by your current assignment, and if you mope over your fear of shows going off air, you will only ending up harming yourself and no one else.”

Looking ahead, he would like to do an action series.

Unlike most actors, he is not very gung-ho about standalone digital. “Agreed, web is a good upcoming medium allowing for creative thought. Yet it is still no match to omnipresent TV. The biggest drawback to web for the moment is subscription charges for select platforms. Will budget-minded Indians who are already paying for monthly cable cough up more for downloading apps? Free browsing on cheap smart phones is still OK,” ends Dishank, who was also part of Karler Tu Bhi Mohabbat, on ALTBalaji.

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