I am proud of my association in Khatron Ke Khiladi: Hina Khan

In conversation with Hina Khan…

I am proud of my association in Khatron Ke Khiladi: Hina Khan

The super talented and sexy Hina Khan gets chatty with IndianWikiMedia on her Khatron Ke Khiladi association. Read on…

How was the KKK experience?

KKK was a lovely experience for me. I discovered so many things about myself, I never thought I’ll be able to do all the stunts, deal with creepy creatures, somehow I managed. I’m happy & proud of myself. I reached the finals.

The toughest task you did…

The toughest task would be Chicken & Basket stunt which was very very gross, I will never forget that. For one week, our nose was running down, we fell ill, the other would be chili pepper gas where we all felt that we died. These two tasks were the most difficult tasks of KKK

Did you ever think of reaching the finale?

I still remember the time when I signed KKK, I remember talking to myself that I must do it because everyone around me forced me to, I thought I would do few episodes initially & come back. I never imagined that I’ll reach the finale, & without losing a single stunt in 14 episodes & then after 14th episode I lost one stunt, my very first stunt, I still can’t believe it & I’m really proud of myself. I never thought I could.

What did you love about the show? Would you recommend it to anyone else?

The best thing about KKK is the things you’ll do in the show, you’ll never ever get to do ever in your life again, things they make you do & while doing those things, all that you discover about yourself is just amazing & that you can never ever discover ever in your life. Whatever phase you go in life, good, bad, you’ll never be able to discover what you discover in KKK & I think this is the reason, because KKK gave me a lot of confidence, I realized that I’m mentally so strong.

How was the experience of being away & shooting in Spain?

This was the first time when I was away from my family for such a long time, it was quite an emotional situation and my mom used to cry a lot. I was away from Rocky (beau) since a very long time. He met me later and we did some stunts together. I missed him a lot. But shooting in Spain was just an amazing experience. I just loved it. I really don’t regret staying away from my family for so long because this experience was wonderful and this can only happen once in a life time. I am thankful to Colors team for giving me this opportunity.

There were times on the show when we heard you voice your opinion & other actors being questioned the space you were getting? Your take on that?

Well it was not just for KKK but has always been that person who makes sure to voice opinion out. I have always been like this, I really don’t believe in sitting quiet and not talking to yourself. So yes in KKK whenever I used to feel when something is wrong I would definitely voice it out. So that is how I did it in the show as well and I am the same kind of person. After all I am also a human being and I also make mistakes, I may be wrong but that doesn’t mean that one shoud keep quiet and not speak up.  In terms of space everyone was given visibility in the show. Infact we all enjoyed our time and this is not at all true.

Who were you able to bond with the most on the show?

I bonded very well with Geeta (Phogat) because she was my neighbor, so we used to catch up a couple of times. We shopped together in Spain whenever I needed her she was always there, she used to give me head, back massages, I so miss those desi massages she was so good at it and it really worked. Sometimes I used to shout a lot saying “Kum Pressure Lagao” but she’s really strong and very good with massages. So yes we had a great time together and I bonded with her really well.

Your personal favourite moment on the show which will remain etched in memory forever? 

My favorite moment on the show was when I did that stunt where I was buried alive with Ravi (Dubey) being my competitor and I won that stunt & that was a fab moment for me because I never expected that I will ever be able to do that stunt and then I was very very nervous as that was the only stunt where I cried and I was very very scared that day and Rohit Shetty announced that I won, that feeling was to some other level for me. Also the finale stunt where I was very proud of myself, there have been people who were driving, swimming for ages and were so good in so many things so sometimes you lose in the best thing you know. I have never driven a manual car and I am not a professional swimmer but I tried my best and swim in the sea, finished my stunt, jumped off the moving boat, did everything whatever was required and then I had to take my car down on the left wheels, I did everything which was possible and finished the finale stunt in style and I am super proud of myself.

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