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It’s pure bliss to have met such positive and happy souls on set: Vani Sood

Gorgeous beauty Vani Sood, who is currently enthralling audience as Eshwarya in Star Bharat’s Mayavi Maling, feels that the happy environment motivates her to give her best.

Talking about the show, she says, “The script and especially my character attracted me to the show. When I saw the pilot, I was really amazed and it was something new coming on table. Such shows are not created for TV. I am happy that I am part of this big project. The best quality of my character is that she loves reading books which I don’t do in my real life. Now, I feel reading is the best hobby to adapt.”

Vani says that she prepared herself a lot for this character. “Before the show started, we were given Hindi and Sanskrit tuitions. Later, we had workshops with all the actors. They also trained us for our voice modulation. The production house trained us for action sequences like sword fighting,” shares the lovely actress.

Vani adds that she always wanted be a fantasy princess. “I have always dreamt of being part of a fantasy show since the time I have been watching snow white Cinderella. I always wanted to be one and now I am living my dream.”

When we ask about his bond with his co-stars, she avers, “My bond with my co-actors can’t be described in words. It’s a pure bliss to have met such positive and happy souls. It’s a blessing to work with such a team. They love and adore me like their kid.”

On an end note, Vani wants to thank all her fans for all the love and support.

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