Rakhi Sawant got married to NRI businessman named Ritish

Rakhi Sawant to reveal more about her elusive husband on Khatra Khatra Khatra

There has been a lot of speculation whether item girl Rakhi Sawant actually got married to NRI businessman named Ritish. For, she did not release any pix or info about her fan turned husband, who she claims works for POTUS Donald Trump in England. She cites security reasons for her reluctance to share more info about him.  

This buzz got further credence when her friend too said that while they had heard about the marriage, they too have no idea about her better half. 

Rakhi’s ex too waded into the mix, calling the entire marriage a sham. 

However, when we spoke to Rakhi, she maintained that she was indeed married and was ready to share some wedding pictures offline, to prove her credentials. 

Now we hear that having enough of doubting Thomases, Rakhi, who will feature in a coming episode of Colors fun show Khatra Khatra Khatra, might answer all the above doubts. 

Khatra Khatra Khatra, which includes comedian Bharti Singh and her husband, is having a lot of celeb guests. Just yesterday, we had written about Erica and Parth also being invited to jump around on the show. 

Khatra is one show where Bharti and gang take a lot of pot shots at their guests. We are sure Rakhi will give as good as she gets.

Hope Rakhi reveals the truth about her marriage once and for all. Scepticism has to be there for she has pulled a lot of stunts before. And Rakhi is a past master at creating drama. Remember la Mika kiss affair?

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