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The young stars Malhar and Kalyani share their emotions as the shoot of the popular Zee TV show resumes after almost 100 days

We are ready to entertain our fans and audiences again: Tujhse Hai Raabta’s Malhar and Kalyani 

With the lockdown gradually lifting and people across the country stepping out into the new normal, Zee TV’s shows have resumed their shoot and the channel is all set to reunite its audiences with the journeys of Pragya, Preeta, Guddan and Kalyani with fresh episodes airing from 13th July. Pre-lockdown, the popular fiction show Tujhse Hai Raabta had halted at a very crucial juncture and with fresh twists and turns coming up, Kalyani (played by Reem Shaikh) and Malhar (played by Sehban Azim) are excited to be back on the set. In fact, it was an emotional reunion for the stars on the set and they felt they’ve finally got their lives back as shoots resumed!

Prior to the Lockdown, Kalyani and Malhar had stumbled upon Trilok (played by Aayush Anand), a prospective bone marrow donor who could save their child Moksh from his illness. But Trilok clearly seemed to have a game plan and vested interests of his own when it came to giving them the bone marrow. As Kalyani moved into his house as per Trilok’s terms, Malhar sensed not all is as it seems, and the man seemed to have dubious intentions. With the shoots resuming with full precautions and guidelines, fans are excited to see if Malhar will be able to save Kalyani from Trilok’s plan or not?

Malhar and Kalyani shot for the first time after Lockdown recently. Sharing his excitement on resuming the shoot, Malhar said, “It’s like getting my life back, it’s overwhelming and emotional meeting my Raabta family after so many days. The break that we got, made me look at the bright and positive side of life. All of us actually learned something or the other from the lockdown and I believe that breaks are important in everyone’s life. Now that we are slowly adapting to the new normal, I can proudly say that I learned not to let unnecessary things affect me. I learned how to value people and their importance in my life. I am also taking all the possible precautions while shooting by wearing masks, keeping myself and my surroundings sanitized and maintaining social distancing. Now, it’s all about being atma-nirbhar and even the crew understands the same, I believe we are ready to overcome this and entertain our fans and audiences again.”

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Kalyani also mentioned, “I couldn’t control my emotions when I got back on my set. I saw how everything was the same, but there was still something that had changed in us. I missed my work, my family, my crew and it feels amazing to be back to life. But one thing that hit me was how you can look at someone from a distance, but cannot go and hug them in that moment. However, I clearly understand the need of it completely. I am thankful to all our fans who have given us so much love and waited for us to come back. Now it is our time to entertain them once again.”

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