Mohit Malik aka Sikander in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is an amazing actor, a good-looking man and a well-dressed style icon, all rolled in to one!

All the reasons why we love Sikander aka Mohit Malik

Mohit Malik plays the character of Sikander on Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and can we just say, we have never come across a father as hot, charming and adorable as him! He is a doting and caring father on-screen but that has in no way taken away his female fan-following, who can’t ignore his well-groomed and chiselled persona, and are totally in awe of his good looks.
Here’s why we love him:

1. Those looks!
Mohit Malik may be a terrific actor but we simply cannot get over his rugged and handsome looks and that charm of his, which could make any girl fall heads over heel for him.
All the reasons why we love Sikander aka Mohit Malik
2. His irresistible smile
We could have added this along with his good looks but have you seen his smile, dimples and everything? It definitely deserves to be a whole reason in itself!

3. Actor par excellence
Without a doubt, Mohit Malik plays the role of Sikander to the tee and we can’t help but love how he displays emotions and gives the much needed depth to the father character.

4. Stylish and trendy
It’s always a bonus when an actor has amazing acting chops and is also very good-looking but it is definite cherry on the cake when he can dress and present himself in style as well. Kulfi Kumar Bajewala’s Sikander is a well-groomed hero on-screen and even off the cameras.

We have always loved this family man for his astounding acting and it is amazing to see how well he connects with the audience. He has been one of the most preferred actors for multiple production houses and his charm and talent always attracts fan base like no one can. We are all too eager to see what Mohit Malik picks to star in next!

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