Divya Agarwal was the winner of MTV Ace Of Space Season 1 who took home Rs 7 lakhs as the winning amount along with the trophy. The 3 top contestants were Divya, Varun Sood, and Pratik Sehajpal.

Revisiting the most entertaining moments of MTV Ace of Space in the last season

Divya not only was blessed with the winning amount but also found her true love on the reality show in the co-contestant Varun Sood. Both had been friends outside the show but Varun proposed Divya on the show which was a very romantic moment of the show, which she accepted. Varun came out to be 2nd runner up of the show while Pratik was the first runner-up.

Revisiting the most entertaining moments of MTV Ace of Space in the last season 1

According to Divya Agarwal, who is also ex-beau of Priyank Sharma (a contestant at Bigg Boss), the journey inside the house for her was a mixed bag of friendship, love, war, and emotions.
She confessed that the show’s format is very dynamic and help the contestant to become patient and develop mental strength. Participating in the show taught her overcoming hurdles existing among relationships as a result of ego.

The first season of MTV Ace Of Space received a lot of positive response from the audiences who were fully entertained during the show. As a host of the show, Vikas Gupta did his job very well.
During the first season, popular blogger Danish Zehen died in the car accident near Mumbai and Vikas Gupta broke the news to the contestant who broke down into tears. Danish has been houseguest on the ace of space series. Those were very emotional moments on the show.

Revisiting the most entertaining moments of MTV Ace of Space in the last season 2

During this first season, the contestant had been through many tough moments and emotional turmoils. As host Vikas Gupta kept on inculcating challenging twists and turns in the show that helps the contestant to grow stupendously. The contestant had been from every genre of people which were most contrasting by nature, physique and popularity level. There have been plus-size beauties, gay models, handsome hunk and rappers who were different from stereotype contestants.

One of the most interesting moments on the show was when Priyank shared a post accusing Divya of misusing his name on the show to gain popularity. According to him, Divya should be rather thankful to him in place of which she was blaming false allegations on him. Divya who was into tears after learning about the post, called Priyank a bad man. Even some personal chats between Divya and Benafsha were shared on the Divya’s Instagram account which emphasized that Priyank was two-timing. Benafsha defense Priyank and called him her favorite. The entire episode that forms a sort of triangle was very entertaining and what attention to the show.

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