The Salman Khan of Television industry Karan Singh Grover who is currently playing the role of Mr Bajaj in the Indian drama Kasauti Zindagi ki 2, is very well known for his acting skills. This heartthrob is not only a great actor but has a great physique. He was very well known for his role of Dr. Arman Malik in the show Dill Mill Gayye. He is now happily married to the Bengali beauty, Bipasha Basu.

The secret behind Mr.Bajaj aka Karan Singh Grover's ripped body

Karan is known for his salt pepper look. His toned body and dapper looks just add up to a perfect dream guy for us. His mother is a well-trained dietitian and so he has a good knowledge of all the nutrition requirements for the body. As from his physique, it is easy to guess that he is a fitness freak. But apart from that, he loves eating just like all of us. In one of his interview, he confessed that he loves basin laddoo a lot and can eat a whole box of it. His cheat days include a dose of basin laddoo and other sweets too. He avoids eating outside and usually carries a Tiffin when shooting in the city. Not only him but his wife Bipasha Basu also has a perfect figure it’s like they are made for each other.

Karan has a fixed diet as prefers to follow it regularly His breakfast includes lots of boiled vegetables, a spoon of apple cider vinegar, and spinach juice well most of us don’t like having green juice because of their taste but this fitness idol has it daily. Not only this but his breakfast also includes 6 egg whites a bowl of oats with some dry fruits in it. Lunch he has is not too heavy it includes oats with some vegetables and two chicken breast. Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day and he knows it so his dinner includes only a bowl of brown rice some chicken eggs and a lot of salad. He prefers drinking detoxed water. Not only diet but exercising is also very important is what he says. According to him exercise should not be done to maintain a fit body only but to also maintain a healthy and relaxed mind. He prefers exercises which includes weight lifting and upper body workout. The couple’s vacation pictures prove that all the efforts they take towards a healthy lifestyle are all worth it.

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