Reem Shaikh who plays the central role of Kalyani in Zee TV’s Tujhse Hai Raabta gets into a conversation with

This show will teach how relationships formed with respect, love and care are important in life: Reem Shaikh

Young Reem Shaikh, who rose to fame with Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha, is the next star in line. The actress is currently seen playing Kalyani, in Zee TV’s latest offering, Tujhse Hai Raabta produced by Full House Media.

Talking about the concept of the show, she shares, “The tale spins around the connection between a stepmother and her girl. The little girl can’t acknowledge her stepmother while the stepmother keeps on adoring the little girl and satisfies her obligations as a mother. It is a bittersweet mother-daughter relationship that develops between two women who’re not related by blood, and arepractically strangers to each other.”

She further adds, “My character in the series is really interesting and challenging. It is also a responsibility to run the show on my shoulders. I have to be rude too for my role, but I am an actor, and when I come on set, I get into my role. I feel sad that I have to be rude to someone who is so sweet to me, but my job is to do what I am told to do. If the audience likes it then it is a compliment for me. I feel equally blessed and fortunate to have bagged the show. I loved the concept of the series and I am confident that viewers will also love the daily.”

When asked about her relationship with her mother, she says, “I and my mother are like friends. She is a sister more than a mother to me. We don’t behave like mother-daughter; we are best friends. The bond is strong. I share everything with her and she guides me at every step.”

Reem believes that her neighbour is like her sister. “I have a neighbour since the past 2 years. Her name is Simran. She is like a sister to me. Although she is not blood-related, we share a very strong bond. She cares for me like my mother does. I think this show will showcase that not only are blood relations important, but also the bond that is formed with respect, love and care.”

Good luck, girl, for your new endeavour.

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