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The actress speaks about her comeback on TV and her personal life…

Sindura is a modern classy woman with lots of panache: Tasneem Sheikh

Talented actor Tasneem Sheikh, who is back on TV after a long maternity  break with & TV show  Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi, is elated with the journey so far.

“My modern grayish mother-in-law Sindura’s character graph is shaping up exactly as producer Nivedita Basu The House of Originals) had promised me during narration,” smiles Tasneem.

Further, the lovely lady shares that one of the main reasons for saying yes to this particular show was the concept of two mother-in-laws.

“Normally a bahu cant deal with one here the lead has two. Agreed we have all the drama and emotions,  but the basic theme is challenging enough creatively .”

She has no qualms about playing mother on screen.

“Ideally, I would prefer avatars closer to my real age, but let’s face it, today most lead girls are no older than 18 years and I would not even attempt to look one.   As a practical actor taking this limitation in mind, I prefer to opt for mother roles which have lots of juice in them.   I am not really worried if I get -typecast as a mother/mother-in-law for those in the know can appreciate the edge I can bring to the table.”

Tasneem justifies the grayness in Sindura, “I would not call her positive but yes she is not bad either. She is a modern classy woman with lots of panache.  Although being a family woman, she likes the good life and wants to party with friends.  She is also very clear about what she wants. Are these traits wrong, tell me?  She also has her bad side also but that is how most humans are,   we all have our positive and negative traits which come to the fore due to uncontrollable circumstances.”

Looking ahead, Tasneem would like to return to the positive genre as well. She had essayed good bahu  roles i.e . Kasautii Zindagii Kay and Kkusum with élan before Kumkum changed the ball game and made her synonymous as the small screen vamp.

Tasneem has seen tough days in her personal life. Her mother passed away due to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. “I took care of her during her last days.  For me family has always come first.  No wonder I waited till daughter is big enough to come back to work. I am lucky to have found another mother in my mother-in-law, she takes care of me as her daughter.  I would attribute all my current graces to my dear departed mother’s wishes.”

Wish you more success, Tasneem.

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